Watch 5 Communication Elements Dancing Together

Text-based messages are convenient to create. You produce social media posts and blog articles. At times you prefer to share an image or graphic-only content. Or, you may combine text and images to make the message more effective. However, all this involves only reading efforts.

We have ears as well to receive and comprehend a message. That is why there are podcasts –  content in audio form. People who do not prefer to read turn to listening podcasts of their choice.

Motion is another communication element that adds energy and interest to static text and graphics based content. It is only in video form where all great communication elements act together and produce a stunning effect on audience.

  1. Text
  2. Images or Graphics
  3. Color (as used in images, graphics, infographics)
  4. Human Voice (as in Podcasts), background music, Sound Effects
  5. Motion

People love to watch explainer videos because here they find a message decorated with motion and music. Even 59% of executives agree that if both text and video are available on the same topic, they are more likely to choose video.

You Tube, Google and Facebook Confirm Their Performance

Search engines and social media platforms favor the content that is in video form and the evidence is clear and mounting day by day. Today Google shows a video in search results if it finds one matching your query. According to a study by 2022, online videos will make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic which is 15 times higher than 2017.

YouTube the all video platform has become the second largest search engine in the world after Google and this is enough to tell how every body is preferring to watch a video than read something.

Facebook: The most popular social network in the world, is going to be all video by the year 2021 as a company’s vice president mentioned some five years back.

Instagram: Instagram is all visual platform designed to share photos, however, videos are becoming the preferred content among its users to share and watch. Around 70% of Instagram users watch video content in the form of Stories on a daily basis.

WhatsApp: There are vertical videos that thrive on Instagram but their natural place is WhatsApp where users send 1 billion video messages per day.

Opportunities for You to Join and Benefit

There are no rules which content you should turn into a video form. However, there are some worldwide trends that guide how people are using animated videos to meet their goals. Here is a list to help you.

1. Products or Services: Solopreneurs and businesses offering products or services use video advertisements to reach out to their customers

2. Educational Purpose: When trainers, coaches or institutes want their participants how to do certain things on their way to learning

3. Public Service Message: When NGOs, charities or activist groups want to spread some public service messages to inform and educate their communities or public at large.

4. Complexity: When companies have piles of dull and boring data and they want to turn that into a simple and compelling story. Or they want to explain some complex process to their audience. Video suit better to explain any complex human situation.

5. Internal Communication: HR departments usually opt for video content for training and on-boarding occasions.

3 Ways We Can Animate Your Message

Choose the style you like to tell the story and rock your audience

Doodle Sketch Animation

In doodle videos a human hand draws or writes usually on a whiteboard set as background. You have the option to choose blackboard, greenboard  or glassboard as your background. Or you may have your background changed to any flat color. Choice of background depends on your liking or the kind of audience you are addressing to. As for drawing hands, here again you have options to request male or female hand, white or color hand, right or left hand. You may choose even a cartoon or Santa Clause hand to draw you text and images. Lastly, if you like, we can draw your video message without any hand where text and images gradually appear on the screen.

Text Animation

In text animation videos focus is on ‘text’ where words or sentences set to move in a variety of ways to create a particular effect or engage the viewers. In a whiteboard video a drawing hand creates all the fun, while in text animation style there are three elements that create the whole drama: 1) Direction from which a peace of message enters the stage, 2) Speed of the text and  3) Motion style where a word or sentence may set to zoom, blast, glitch, scramble, swing, sprinkle…… the possibilities are endless. There is no exact science when to use which motion style, it all depends the message on a particular scene. We may change text movement style from scene to scene.

2D Character Animation

In 2D character animation different cartoon like characters are used to create a message. Unlike doodle videos they are not drawn, nor do they simply appear on a scene in  straight forward manner as you may notice object and characters in the text animation style. Here the characters behave almost life like, though not as perfectly as you see in 3D videos, and thus give you audience a real experience. Characters are animated either on a flat canvas or on a particularly designed sign where they walk, run, jump, shake hand, think, say hello and so. Here little text is placed on the canvas and most substance of the message is conveyed through the background voice over.

Tap the Power of Animated Videos

If you are a solopreneur, small business, educational institute or a non-profit organization

You have endless opportunities to communicate through video content. Let me help you inform, educate and entertain your audience like never before.