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Portfolio - Tanveer ul Islam

Best Way to Spread Your Message

Animated videos are the best way to spread your message compared to simple text or images. We all love to watch videos that is why videos bring more traffic to your site resulting in more business and more profit.

Water Crisis in Pakistan is Real

Pakistan is facing a water crisis and this video in blackboard animation style presents the different facts regarding the issue including possible steps to overcome the situation.

Service Promotional Video

This is the promotional video about my video creating service. It highlights the importance of videos while spreading the word in the online world.

Pizza Time – Promo Video

Promote your fast food and restaurant business with a combination of text, graphics, music and motion to offer your great services, it will rock your audience.

Text Animation and Use of Images

See how text animation works together with images in this short video to convey the message of an orofacial pain specialist based in Lahore, Pakistan. Such short videos are a great way to convey otherwise unexciting message in a way that even ordinary viewers can not resist watching them. Great images, moving text and background music create the whole show.

3D Avatar Video

3D Avatar Explainer Video Style is of its own kind to explain your business idea. Designed like real characters Male, Female. White, Black, Young and Old avatars keep your audience on the edge of their seats. Give it a try and see the response!

You Have Questions?

Here you will get answer to your every question that comes to your mind

See what you need to know if you are planning your first video. Answers to these question may help you plan and organize your project effectively.